Ritzpix and Inkleys - Ritzpix Network and Inkleys store is a scam

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I bought a camera from a local company, hoping to get local service and support... I was wrong.

What I got was a good camera. I even signed up for the anything but theft insurance, meaning I could run over the camera with my truck while it was in a river and they'd replace it. I could send my camera in for a free cleaning in the first year also. (I thought of scamming this, and instead of sending my year old camera in for a cleaning, I'd just dunk it underwater or otherwise trash it. Turn it in, and get a brand new one on the same day. That's what they promised, right? Then I thought of the hassle, and probability of them not fulfilling their promise. And when the time was coming around, the stores were closing. At that point there was absolutely no way I was trying that. There was also no way I was going to order prints from the store either.)

I also signed up for the Ritzpix network, because I was checking out a tripod as well, but couldn't get it at the time. The salesman said the Ritzpix network money could be applied toward the tripod when I was ready to get it. The contract said only two month's worth ($40) could be carried at a time, but he assured me that they could stretch that out for me if I'm buying some equipment.

Now the Inkley's stores are closing, and the remaining Inkley's store here in Utah is backing out of that deal in a hurry, claiming it never existed. Ritzpix is failing I'm sure, it's nearly impossible to get through on a phone .

Tim Zuell posted this on PC in March of 2011. -"Hello, my name is Tim and I am the Director of Customer Service at Ritz Camera & Image. I am sorry to hear of your experience. I am sure that we can come to an equitable solution regarding the cancelation of your contract. Please contact me directly at 301-419-8810." Guess what, he's no longer employed there.

As soon as many of us shut down our monthly revenue stream to them, they'll shut down operations as well. If you have a balance, get some photos printed ASAP, before it's all gone. And do yourself a favor...don't buy anything from Inkley's. Any company willing to do this doublespeak doesn't deserve to even sell me something in their going out of business sale.

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